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Central Little League: Charlottesville, VA

League Boundary Map

Central Little League is a part of Little League International District 14 in Virgina.

As long as you live within or attend a school within our boundaries, you are eligible to participate in league play, including the International All-Star tournament.  Please note that if two children from the same family intend to play Little League, but one child attends a school within our boundaries and the other does not, BOTH children are eligible to play with Central Little League.

You can use the League Finder feature on the Little League Website ( to check that either your home address or school address is within the Central Little League Boundaries.  Either address would make you eligible to play for Central Little League.

Listed below are schools that are known to be within Central Little League boundaries.  Home school or virtual school students may use their home address. Younger players attending pre-schools or daycares who are interested in Tee Ball may not find their school listed below. This is not an exhaustive list, so please contact us if you need support determining your eligibility.

-Albemarle County Public Schools: Agnor-Hurt Elementary, Baker Butler Elementary, Broadus Wood Elementary, Greenbrier Elementary, Hollymead Elementary, Sutherland Elementary, Woodbrook Elementary
-Private Schools:  Charlottesville Catholic School, Charlottesville Waldorf School

-Charlottesville City Schools:  All elementary and upper elementary schools
-Albemarle County Public Schools: All elementary schools

Charlottesville Central Little League

1400 Pen Park RD 
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
Email : [email protected]
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